Dressed Inc.
We won’t find
style miracles
in your closet.
in you.


Step 1

Step 1 Let’s Talk

Style is confidence. Let’s dress you in it! We’ll begin by sitting down and learning about your unique personality, lifestyle, career, goals and everything in-between. Then we’ll define your signature style and body type so we can give you the tools to transform you into the most self-assured, honest version of you.

Step 2

Step 2 Let's Change Your Life

Let’s take our findings and make it work! Whether you simply need a nudge in the right direction or a head-to-toe revamp, our combined decades of shopping and styling experience will take you from frumpy to triumphant by defining and then revealing the real you. Trust us, you won’t be the only one who notices.

Step 3

Step 3 Let’s Succeed

It’s amazing to see the joy that comes from bringing a signature style to life. For many of you, we’ve become part of the family, a style support system helping to maintain your success. For some, our Style Grads, you thrive and sustain your style on your own. Whatever your personal style story is, we’re always here for you.


From hangers to the perfect haircut, from body shapers to shaping up your closet, no task is too big or small. Whatever your distinctive needs, we guarantee that your personal style starts here. Pick and choose all your services for $150 an hour, and be on your way to looking and feeling your absolute best.

Your image is your calling card—let’s get it right the first time. By integrating your signature style motto, a combination of personality and aesthetic, and your precise body measurements, we’ll have you on your way to looking and feeling your very best.
True Colors
Have you been left in the dark? Then our color consultation is just what you need. By analyzing your eyes, coloring and personality, and defining all your right shades, we’ll bring the best version of you into the light.
Get dressed with ease because everything to wear moments are here! First we edit your closet by category to see what you have. You’ll learn what to donate, alter or retire. Then we’ll integrate the missing pieces to create a self-sustaining, long-term closet.
ShopTo It
With your signature style, sizing and budget defined, we’ll magically build a wardrobe online and/or in-store like you’ve never seen. Whether we do it all, or you prefer to hit the racks with us, this is about what works for you.
Tour deStyle
An exhilarating shopping experience, curated to your group’s wardrobe needs and budget. From discounted designer stores to luxury department stores, we’ll guide you through the ins and outs of savvy shopping for instant style support.
Tripped up about what to pack? Business or pleasure, warm or cold weather destination, we will pack you a suitcase full of confidence. Our detailed lists of outfits will take you from day to night with ease, no excess baggage.
Our photo or digital albums take the guessing out of dressing! We mix and maximize your wardrobe, giving you head-to-toe outfits for each and every occasion. A huge timesaver and the next best thing to a permanent closet companion.
Style thatWorks
We’re in the business of getting you suited up for corporate success. We host a series of corporate seminars, women’s networking groups, and workshops of all sizes on wide-ranging topics like The Art of Business Casual and Your Image is your Virtual Business Card.

About Us

Our mission is to help as many people as possible find life-changing confidence through personal style. Our story began like many of our clients—different life events that led to changing identities and a closet full of nothing to wear. After a chance meeting in college many years ago, and then serendipitously crossing paths in 2010, we helped each other reclaim the style and swagger that once was ours.  Dressed Inc was born. Today we are four unstoppable women, dreaming big on two coasts, unlocking one remarkable you!

Lori Lutton East Coast
Lori Lutton
Lori Lutton

As a model in her twenties, Lori strutted to her own stylish beat. Years later, after realizing she was now catwalking around the playground in yellow Crocs, Lori had an epiphany. Become a stylist and help as many women as possible end their wardrobe woes.  A long heart-to-heart in a New England parking lot and one bad sunburn later, the ladies were in business.

Signature Style Motto: Striking, Independent, and Effortless.
Can’t live without: Mascara, coffee, a funky hat.

Carolyn Campot East Coast
Carolyn Campot
Carolyn Campot

Carolyn had a stylish foot in the door from a young age—she fit into sample shoe sizes that her dad designed. As a former heavyweight boxing promoter, finding that knockout combination comes with great ease. Carolyn is a mother of twin boys, Lori’s first paying client, and an avid tennis player, scoring clients a grand slam in confidence daily.

Signature Style Motto: Bold, Authentic, and Luxurious.
Can’t live without: A perfectly tailored blazer, Mother Denim, and aviator sunglasses.

Isabel White West Coast
Isabel White
Isabel White

Isabel was born to run—to boutiques to find her clients the perfect jeans or ankle boots, that is. This devout Bruce Springsteen fan and former film publicist oversees our West Coast operations with endless brainpower and style. There are racks of clothing in her head at all times which she uses to bestow head-to-toe confidence.

Signature Style Motto: Straightforward, Gutsy, and Ironic.
Can’t live without: Vintage Levis, Golden Goose sneakers, and a Moto Jacket.

Robin Astani West Coast
Robin Astani
Robin Astani

A former high-end spa owner, Robin has an innate talent for helping women feel comfortable in their own skin. As a stylist, she is passionate about modern, clean design—and bucking Hollywood trends—to bring serious smarts and profound warmth to her clients’ lives. This busy mom splits her time between Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach, taking a holistic mind, body, and soul approach—one confident closet at a time.

Signature Style Motto: Uptown, Cool, Edgy
Can’t live without: Burberry Moto Jacket, Balmain Blazer, cherished wedding band


Why is personal style so important?
Style is your personal trademark, the first thing anyone sees. If done right, it represents everything that you stand for and defines who you are as a person.
Where are your headquarters located?
We have offices in Massachusetts and California.

Do you work with all body types?
Yes, of course! For us, style is not about size, it’s about finding the right styles that work for your individual body type.
What age range do you work with?
All ages, backgrounds, walks of life. We believe wholeheartedly that everyone deserves to find their own personal style at any age.
What if I’m embarrassed about my closet?
Don’t be, we’ve all been there. We look at each individual closet as an exciting component of the style self-discovery process.
Do I work with one stylist?
While you’ll work with one of us, our approach is collaborative. You’ll have a whole team behind you, bringing your style to life.
What if I’ve already defined my style but need help shopping?
Perfect, let’s get shopping! Our philosophy is about catering to the individual needs of our clients—no task is too big or too small for us.
How long does it take to get an appointment?
Quicker than you think. We like to schedule the initial consultation within a few days of contact so we can help you as soon as possible!
Do you work with men too?
Of course! Our male clients love how easy we make getting dressed for them.
What sets Dressed Inc apart from other style consultants?
We’re not just stylists or shopping consultants. We’re not about fleeting fashion or the season’s trendiest pieces. We’re style advocates whose sole mission is to bring you life-changing self-confidence through personal self-expression
How much does everything cost?
All services are billed hourly at $150 an hour, no minimum and billed on 30-minute intervals. Additional travel time may apply. Please contact us for details.
What if I need to cancel my appointment?
For your convenience, we offer a 24-hour cancellation policy.
Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes. Once our clients see the life-changing results firsthand, they want to share the gift of personal self-expression with their loved ones.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all forms of payment: all major credit cards, cash and checks.
Do you offer hair, makeup, brow and skin services?
We have amazing partnerships with some of the best hair stylists, makeup artists, eyebrow specialists and aestheticians in the country and will refer you based on your personal needs.
We also offer referrals to the best personal trainers, nutritionists, wedding planners and beyond for any and all needs.
Where does the initial consultation take place?
Whatever is most convenient for you. While an at home consult gives us the advantage of seeing your personality and preferences firsthand, we’re able to discern your style personality quickly in any setting.
Do you do Pop Up Shops?
Yes! We frequently curate boutiques catered to our clients’ signature styles and needs, lining the racks with essential pieces that they can’t live without.
What are lookbooks?
Our lookbooks are a set of customized photos of outfits we’ve selected from your closet to make getting dressed faster and easier.


West Coast

Los Angeles and Orange County


East Coast

Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C.